Having worked with a wide segment of the market such as cafe & restaurants, retail shops, beauty salons and holiday accommodations gave me the opportunity to polish my skills of 360 photography so today I can offer a high standard service and products using the most professional equipment and software.


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Street View, by Google Maps, is a virtual representation of our surroundings on Google Maps, consisting of millions of panoramic images. Street View’s content comes from two sources – Google and contributors, Panoramic being one of Trusted Photographers.
The Virtual Tour is linked to the business listing on Google (here is how to claim and verify your business on Google). It is essential that there is a business listing, either claimed or unclaimed, to which the virtual tour is linked.
Images will be transferred to you for future reuse (e.g. post on social media, embed on your website, etc).

Hosting: publicly on Google Maps, attributed to the business listing.

  • One-off fee.
  • Multi Level supported.
  • Helps SEO and search ranking.
    Besides improving SEO, having a virtual tour makes your business to stand out thanks to a fully developed profile on Google My Business. 

The Basic Virtual Tour is named so because it has basic features with no additional interactivity( (unlike the Advanced Virtual Tour.
The major difference between Basic and Google Street View tours is where it is hosted and the fee for said hosting (depends on the size of the virtual tour).

  • Privately hosted.
    There is no need to blur faces of people appearing in the virtual tour, unlike Google Street View tours. 
  • Individual naming of each 360 image.
    A virtual tour is made by connecting 360 images between them.
    Within the Basic Virtual Tour, the viewer can easily jump from one section to another by selecting the desired image from a carousel below, even if the images are not connected by a chevron.
  • Autorotation enabled
    Great for indoor screens, high-street displays or embedding on a website. 
    Autorotation can be disabled if requested.

The Advanced Virtual Tour is built on the Basic Virtual Tour foundation, with added layers of interaction. It can well be a website in its own rights thanks to the customisable menu navigation and customisable logo. 

  • Privately hosted
  • Customised Logo and Menu Navigation
  • Booking forms
    While under the impression of your great business’ interiors, the viewer can book a table, viewing, treatment or any other service you are offering directly from the virtual tour. Bookings are going to an email address specified by you. Bookings can be set to be accepted automatically or you can choose to review each of them manually.
  • Floor Plans
    Take advantage of this feature and help your visitor to see every hidden corner of your business. 
    Essential for Real Estate businesses.
  • Points of interest
    Floating blobs of information. Once clicked, they pop up containing image galleries, video or HTML content so the point of interest is enhanced and you provided every detail about it.
    E.g. paintings in museums can contain an “info” icon and when the visitor clicks on it, additional information such as who was the author, year of painting and other details will pop up.
  • Areas of interest
    Similar to Points of interest but are covering large areas of the view-field.

Each project is individual and depends on the complexity of the virtual tour. 
Ultimately it boils down to the number of panoramas to be taken. The price might be reduced if there is an ongoing collaboration or/and if there are more than one locations to photograph.


The prices below are for guidance only.
Prices are calculated for a Google Street View / Basic virtual tour.
Advanced Virtual Tours prices have the below price-list as a base plus desired extras (Navigation menu & Logo, Floorplan, embedded videos, images or description text).
Details about services
For an exact quotation please get in touch via the form below.

Mono Virtual Tour

1 panorama.
A virtual tour made up by a single photo-sphere.
It is suitable for tiny businesses or for businesses which are based within larger venues (expositions or shopping centers). When a photo-shot is booked within one of these premises, prior consent of such venues is required. Also, it can work for an estate agency when there is a need to highlight a room or an area.

Small Virtual Tour

Up to 5 panoramas.
A virtual tour made up by 3 - 5 photo-spheres. It works for small businesses such as high street retailers, tea-rooms, coffee-shops, barbers.

Medium Virtual Tour

Up to 10 panoramas.
A virtual tour made up by 5 -10 photo-spheres. It's great for small to large businesses. Also it's suitable for wedding venues, such as but not limited to teepees.

Large Virtual Tour

Up to 20 panoramas.
Large Virtual Tour. Suitable for large businesses, such as family restaurants, large wedding venues, cathedrals and churches, themed parks, etc. For a price enquiry, please get in touch.

Long term collaboration

If you are a building developer, estate agent or student accommodation agency, please get in touch to discuss our future collaboration.