Mono Virtual Tour

1 panorama.
A virtual tour made up by a single photo-sphere.
It is suitable for tiny businesses or for businesses which are based within larger venues (expositions or shopping centers). When a photo-shot is booked within one of these premises, prior consent of such venues is required. Also, it can work for an estate agency when there is a need to highlight a room or an area.

Small Virtual Tour

Up to 5 panoramas.
A virtual tour made up by 3 - 5 photo-spheres. It works for small businesses such as high street retailers, tea-rooms, coffee-shops, barbers.

Medium Virtual Tour

Up to 10 panoramas.
A virtual tour made up by 5 -10 photo-spheres. It's great for small to large businesses. Also it's suitable for wedding venues, such as but not limited to teepees.

Large Virtual Tour

Up to 20 panoramas.
Large Virtual Tour. Suitable for large businesses, such as family restaurants, large wedding venues, cathedrals and churches, themed parks, etc. For a price enquiry, please get in touch.

Long term collaboration

If you are a building developer, estate agent or student accommodation agency, please get in touch to discuss our future collaboration.