What to expect after booking a virtual tour

In this article, you’ll find out what are steps when you choose to have a virtual tour made by Panoramic.

Firstly, we need to establish what area of tour business you want to be covered in the virtual tour.

To achieve a more complex interaction between the virtual visitor and your business it’s recommended to display as much as possible of your premises. Although if for various reasons a smaller virtual tour is needed, there are no problems with that. We can always re-book an additional shooting at a later stage.
This step is crucial in generating the price quotation as this is the foundation of your virtual tour.

Next step is booking the shooting day.

The best day is a sunny day with plenty of natural light. Time to avoid is when the sun is very high at noon as this will make shadows too sharp. The best timing is 2-3 hours after the sunrise or 2-3 hours before the dusk. Also, is preferably to take photos for the virtual tour when there are no customers. Half an hour to one hour should be sufficient for taking all photos(depending on how big is the area).

Now that we agreed on the area to be photographed and the time, what’s next?

Well, prepare your business for the photoshoot so it looks at its best. Once the photos are captured, allow maximum 2 weeks (this is Google’s recommended time) for publishing virtual tours on Google.  I will be in touch with a link to your virtual tour and the photos I made during the photo shoot so you can use them for your marketing needs.

What can you do with your virtual tour?

It can be embedded on your website as an iframe.
Also, you can embed a single 360° photo on Facebook as a post. Indeed there is a possibility to add a tab on your Facebook page containing your whole virtual tour. Please note that the additional tab option will work only in desktop mode.
Also, another option of using it is to display it on a screen within your premises. The screen can be placed in the waiting area or on your storefront window so it gives a glimpse of your interiors to the walkers by.

If you would like to chat about your particular business and get an obligation free quotation, drop me a line here, or use my social media pages.